Wibbling Rivalry: Meine 33 Lieblingszitate aus „Oasis talking“ 2

"Oasis Talking" versammelt ausschließlich Zitate der Gallagher-Brüder. Natürlich wird das unterhaltsam.

„Oasis Talking“, herausgegeben von Harry Shaw, ist zwar keine Pflichtlektüre, aber in jedem Fall höchst amüsant. Und die Highlights daraus gibt es hier auf einen Blick. In die Charts aufgenommen wurden die lustigsten, erhellendsten, historischsten und überraschendsten Zitate der, so der Untertitel, „Gallagher brothers in their own words“.

  • 1. I love Oasis, I love my band, our band’s fucking great, the best band in the world when we want to be. But when we want to be we can be fucking idiots. When we put our heads together we are the fucking bollocks and no one can come near us. (Liam, 2001)
  • 2. Don’t talk to me about Nirvana. He was a sad man who couldn’t handle the fame. We’re stronger than that. And you can fuck your fucking Pearl Jam. (Liam, 1994)
  • 3. We write music for the guy who walks down the street to get his copy of the Daily Mirror and his twenty Bensons every day, and he’s got fuck all going for him, he’s got no money. Even if somebody can’t afford to buy our record, if they put on the radio while they’re cleaning the house, and whistle a song and go „Fucking hell, did you hear that tune?“ That’s what it’s all about. (Noel, 1994)
  • 4. It’s hard to be humble at times like this so I won’t try. You’re all shit. (Noels Dankesrede bei den Brat-Awards 1996)
  • 5. Me, if I didn’t have football and the guitar, God knows what I would have become. I got the talent to write songs and live from it. So I do my best to amuse people. Because I know that’s all I can do for them. Three and a half minutes of happiness in a gloomy and banal life, I’m afraid that’s my only contribution. (Noel, 1996)
  • 6. People always say „Don’t you want to be innovative?“ Well, no. We just want to make good records. People are afraid of the obvious. People want to hear a song, then hum it, then wind it back again and again. (Noel, 1996)
  • 7. Them lot (tabloids), I think they fancy me. I think they’re all gay. That’s what I think anyway. (Liam, 1997)
  • 8. Liam’s got more stupid. When he was at school, he was quite normal. Now he’s definitely mad. He’s not mad like some people in bands are mad. He’s madder than mad… He’s just mad. (Noel, 1995)
  • 9. If we were to sit down now and take John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Ray Davies, Steve Marriott, anybody’s first two albums against my first two albums, I’m there. I’m with the Beatles. If you ask me where I’ll be after my eighth album in comparison to the Beatles, then they’ll piss all over me. Probably. (Noel, 1996)
  • 10. There’s no point in interviewing them, they’ve got fuck all to say for themselves, anyway. (Noel über den Rest von Oasis außer Liam)
  • 11. From 1993 to when I stopped taking drugs on June 5, 1998, I can hardly remember a thing. (Noel, 2001)
  • 12. I live with the guy, and that’s what he is. He’s a fucking slob. Ask me mam. (Noel über Liam, 1994)
  • 13. Liam used to really annoy me, but now I think he’s a comic genius, the funniest guy I have known in my entire life. (Noel, 2001)
  • 14. Tricky was saying we should be doing some stuff together. I said, „Sure, if you’ve got the stuff, I’ve got the razor blade and mirror.“ But he meant music, unfortunately. (Noel, 1995)
  • 15. I’ve got a bit of Lennon, and now I’ve got a bit of Ali. I’ve got two loudmouth arrogant bastards living inside me. (Liam, 1997)
  • 16. I live for now, not for what happens after I die. If I die and there’s something afterwards, I’m going to hell, not heaven. I mean, the devil’s got all the good gear. What’s God got? The Inspiral Carpets and nuns. Fuck that. (Liam, 1995)
  • 17. We were crazy. We should have died. But I don’t believe in death. Death is just a thing, whatever it is. (Liam, 1997)
  • 18. We pity anybody who doesn’t buy our records. (Liam, 1994)
  • 19. When I drink, I drink. I don’t fucking pussy about. I get stuck in there and get wasted and I like it and I wake up the next day and think „fucking hell“ then I leave off for a bit. I’m quite happy with my drinking situation at the moment. (Liam, 2001)
  • 20. I’m going to live in Ireland. But not for tax purposes. That’s for greedy cunts. I like the taxman. The taxman’s good. Fuck it. And anyway, England’s good. It’s full of people walking the streets like me. (Liam, 1997)
  • 21. Everything just went mad. People were smashing bottles and throwing things all over the place. At one point, someone opened a window and just started to lob everything out. I woke up the next morning, looked out of the window and the car park was, like, full of bedrooms. It was a laugh. I’m not saying it’s fucking important or anything, but, you know… (Liam, 1994)
  • 22. I don’t want people watching me and thinking „I could do that“. I want them thinking they could never do that. (Noel, 1995)
  • 23. It’s punk rock. And moody. And well done, proper – none of that weird fucking Radiohead bollocks, none of that indie fucking rubbish. It’s the Pistols and the Beatles, man – it’s us. (Liam über „Heathen Chemistry“, 2001)
  • 24. Right now there isn’t a band in the world as good as us and they know it. (Liam, 1995)
  • 25. People say we’re always fighting but I’m just standing up for myself and he’s getting the idea that it’s his band and we’re all supposed to be sheep. The rest of them all go along with it, but I’m not going to. I mean, if he told them all to turn up tomorrow because he’d got a plan that we were going to play a gig up a lamp post, they’d all just do it. I’d have asked, „Why are we playing up a lamp post? Can’t we play a stadium or something?“ (Liam, 1995)
  • 26. I think we’ll be the most important band in the fucking world. If time is on our side and there’s not so much bad shit and no one dies, then we’ll be the new Beatles. We’ll mean just as much because Noel’s written about 200 fucking songs that nobody’s ever heard and everyone of them is a fucking classic. We’re way ahead. (Liam, 1994)
  • 27. He’s not as good as John Lennon. He’s not even as good as Jack Lemon, God bless him. He’s written a few pretty good songs for the last record. But nothing more and nothing less than that. He’s not in John Lennon’s class. Only I am capable of that. (Noel über Liams Songwriting, 2000)
  • 28. It’s weird. If you took a kid from the Bronx and a kid from Brixton who probably have absolutely nothing in common whatsoever, the one thing they’d have in common is they’d own a copy of „Morning Glory“. That’s something to be proud of – and we are. (Noel, 1996)
  • 29. We’re celebrating (with the ten year anniversary tour). We’re our own biggest fans anyway and we’re going on the road to celebrate the fact that we’re fucking mega. (Noel, 2001)
  • 30. Why don’t I move on stage? ‚Cos I don’t feel as if I have to. I’m not into it. Everyone jumps around, it’s boring. Plus, if you dance about you look shit – and I will NOT look shit. (Liam, 1995)
  • 31. A lot of people have said we’ve cracked America but I don’t think we have and I’m not particularly bothered whether we do or not. I’m not interested in having an aeroplane or anything like that. I don’t have the parking space for it. (Noel, 1997)
  • 32. All that romantic notion about Oasis being a gang was all bullshit. I lived in London on my own for two years, the rest of the band lived in Manchester. It was never a gang. I never hung out with them, they never hung out with me. We never had the same circle of friends. We never drank in the same places. I was always a bit of a loner anyway. (Noel, 2000)
  • 33. On my grave, I want them to write „Don’t fucking come here with your bunch of flowers.“ I don’t want a gravestone, I want a V-sign, two fingers. A really fucking huge V-sign, 20 foot tall or something. When you’re dead, you’re dead. It’s now that matters. (Liam, 1995)

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