Interview with Viktor & The Blood

Viktor & The Blood promise hard rock. Foto: Benameur Promotion

Viktor & The Blood promise hard rock. Foto: Benameur Promotion

After being in Mando Diao and Sugarplum Fairy, Jonas Karlsson and Samuel Giers have formed a new band, together with Viktor Norén. They are called Viktor & The Blood, as was their first EP. Their debut album will hit the shelves soon, with some full-on rock promised by the Swedish three-piece. I asked them about mothers, being on tour with The Sounds and, obviously, the apocalypse.

Why is the world a better place with Viktor & The Blood in it?

Because there can never be enough bands in the world. Especially good bands. Music is always a good thing, cause it brings power to the people and it keeps people sane and positive. Plus we are the only hard rock trio from Europe that can play as hard as we can without being metal. At least we hope we are.

Your first release was an EP, which is quite en vogue these days. What do you like about EPs?

We like the fact that you release more than one song when you release a single. It’s a sign of creativity, and that you believe in your songwriting.

As far as I know, mothers advice their sons to take on respectable jobs, that means NOT to become rock stars. With Mando Diao, Sugarplum Fairy and now Viktor & The Blood: What is going wrong in the Norén und Giers families?

They have always supported us, in anything we’ve done. Plus they have a great love for music. For them it is one of the most respectable things you can do, to make music and be able to play it to a lot of people and travel the world with it.

What was your strangest experience on tour with The Sounds?

When a guy came up to us on the street in Prague and offered us a boiled potato that he had prepared. We said no, we just had dinner.

Your debut album is called Apocalypse Right Now. Which song, which person and which movie would you miss most, if the world was in fact destroyed this very second?

We would miss our next single cause no-one would here it and we’re proud of it, our producer Jacob Hellner cause he is a great musicmaker and the swedish TV-show Bron season 2, cause we haven’t seen the last episode yet. However, we would be happy that we were the only ones who survived.

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